Breitling Bentley Mulliner Tourbillon Chronograph

Now, this is a Breitling watch that you won’t see every day. What we have is a Breitling, not the Breitling you can’t actually find on the brand’s website (actually, at least for now). In production for a few years from 2005, it was part of the permanent collection of the replica Breitling Bentley Mulliner Tourbillon (considered a rare “watch and car” success story) – it’s a chronograph – and it’s got! Retail store prices exceed $250,000. The watch is designed to be used with the cheap Breitling finest automobiles under Bentley’s Mulliner line, which is where they do a lot of their personalized work. If you’re the type of person who gets a custom Bentley, then this nearly 49mm wide Swiss Made Tourbillon Lifestyle Sport Watch that matches your car seems like a smart choice.

I really don’t know why Breitling is so timepiece so quiet. Consider how hidden they are. As mentioned above, you can’t actually find a reference to the watch on the Breitling website. If there’s one in a Breitling store, it’s in the back of a safe and will never be displayed. Imagine if you were an average consumer but didn’t understand that watch brands sometimes make phantom watches that they don’t understand. You might not think that it is not a real Breitling? Of course, the timepieces are well made and the tourbillon movement is very attractive. That said, this particular watch design is not far from the fake Breitling watches there. This means that some people will be asking questions about whether Breitling actually made this watch. I’m not saying that Breitling needs to advertise it, but at least listing it on the website will prove that the company did. Just saying…
The Bentley Mulliner Tourbillon Chronograph is Breitling’s 18841 series and is further subdivided into sub-names, such as the 18k gold K18841 and 18k white gold L18841 series (as well as the K18841, H18841 and J18841). Breitling can manufacture all forms of gold cases as well as platinum watches. Both black and white dials are available and come with a range of alligator leather straps. Some of the small details are incredible, such as the hour markers made of cut mother-of-pearl and the functions that match the grain of the bezel of the tourbillon bridge. Other decorative details include the solid wood rim around the movement as seen from the back of the movement (multiple veneers can be used). I also like the finely decorated, high quality movement.

The movement is known as the Breilting 18B movement. It was not produced by Breitling, but is probably near one of the traditional hearts of Swiss watchmaking. The movement is very classic in form and very elegant in decoration and execution. Although not a technical innovation, the movement has an attractive shape and combines a tourbillon and chronograph in a single hand-wound movement. The movement also has a date dial. The chronograph also lasts only 15 minutes. It’s a very unusual dial layout that helps add rarity and eccentricity to this horological model. Probably the strangest part of the chronograph is that the second hand moves around the dial every 30 seconds, instead of every 60 seconds. This sets up a unique set of markers around the dial. The idea is to move at 3Hz to better read a fraction of a second (in this case, 1 second accuracy). It’s really hard not to like something so strange and complex. Tourbillon movements are also rare, and the movement 18B is COSC chronograph certified (as are most other Breitling watches).