Breitling Endurance Pro hands-on watches

Whether you’re a fighter pilot, a civilian pilot, or a pure wool tool watch enthusiast, there’s a good chance that your first brush with Breitling is one of its specialty watches – an extensive collection of stylish quartz references that have been at the heart of the brand since its official debut as an aerospace product in 1985! One of the series. Over the past three and a half years, Professional Parachutes have rapidly evolved from entry-level aerospace products to more feature-rich products like Saki Ch’s Chronospace, the state-of-the-art Exospace and the powerful Emergency – a legendary adventure watch that can summon helicopters (e.g., the world’s most expensive Uber ride) in case of Things really swing horizontally. With its cool, modern aesthetic and long history of high-precision, multi-functional watches, the Professional series is the natural home for Breitling’s new Endurance Pro (another category-specific tool watch), this time designed with athletes in mind.

Regarding its Professional Series stabilizer, the new Endurance Pro probably has the most in common in terms of proportions and functionality with the Chronospace Evo, a fully analog derivative of the ana-digi hybrid Aerospace Evo. Although already sold in the pilot market, the Modern Aerospace is already an excellent multisport and adventure watch (and a perfect cycling watch, I might add) due to its light weight, ease of wear and versatility. The new Endurance comes with a torch, reportedly a design input from Breitling ambassador and three-time Ironman world champion Jan Frodeno, and the resulting reference also incorporates some new elements, including a Breitling carbon composite case that’s 30 percent lighter than titanium. The bi-directional rotating compass bezel (possibly from Chronospace Military) and has been subtly updated to seemingly reflect the new artistic cheap replica Breitling direction of the entire Professional collection.
Now, whether you’re a professional athlete like Frodeno or a fitness enthusiast who can log between 9 and 5 miles, if you run, swim or cycle and appreciate a watch, then you already know that finding the “right” watch can keep you on time and faithfully maintained during your training sessions! Wrist tantan can be a tricky thing. Large dive watches or pilot’s watches may require shock-proofing measures to keep automatic movements running accurately, but these larger designs often come at the cost of readability – and distracting, top-heavy watches aren’t the right choice, especially if you’re working long or harder. Conversely, while a cheaper battery-powered watch may be the safest compromise in this situation (especially in a crash or fall situation), there’s no doubt that it lacks a certain “Jenny Sago” replica Breitling watches that some athletes can find. It’s time to personalize their equipment or riding gear.

Obviously, most professional athletes tend to train or compete using digital devices with GPS capabilities that can measure effort and comprehensively track workout data, but just as a professional divemaster might wear a digital dive computer on every outing, Endurance isn’t meant to replace such devices. The device, it complements it. Similarly, I ride the Wahoo Roam, which shows strength, heart rate, VAM (on climbs), and distance and elevation metrics, but I keep my daily timekeeping on my wrist because I just like to wear a watch. Plus, my head is dead on a bike ride and at least being able to get home in time for brunch is never a bad thing. Two is one and one is none, right?

Ultimately, I was particularly impressed by the fact that Breitling addresses not only the elements that make a sports watch cooler, but also those that are actually useful in practice – yes, as a sports watch. In keeping with the tradition Breitling expects, it is rich in detail, masculine in design, and well-made. In the same tradition, it’s big and clear at a glance, but hardly hard-wearing – thanks to the lightness of its 44mm x 12.5mm Breitlight case, it weighs just 35 grams (excluding the rubber strap) (interestingly, the strap weighs roughly the same, adding 30 grams to the total package). It’s powered by a quartz movement – while not actually the first choice of many watch enthusiasts, it’s actually a practical way to keep fit, and it’s safer and more accurate during every workout.