The fresh new Rolex 2021

The dial of the new Oyster Perpetual Logbook 36 features a palm leaf or Rolex signature pit motif in olive green, silver or gold, and is made of traditional watchmaking materials such as copper, zinc, nickel, chrome, titanium and silicon, which have been precision-worked with advanced watchmaking techniques to reveal a deep, soulful metallic shine. Priced at $55,000.

This is a new kind of dial design and shape for Rolex. It was launched at a time when last year’s group of basic Oyster models in various colours were on fire, and it was a proper “can’t buy” model. It’s not a sports model, though.

The new Oyster Perpetual Motion Cosmograph Diagonal is available in 18ct yellow gold, 18ct white gold or 18ct eternal rose gold. The dial is made of meteorite, a material that transcends time and space. The textures presented by this material were formed by the slow cooling of asteroids during their journey through the universe, over millions of years. Priced at $266,300.

Rolex has always had meteorite disc watches. This time it is the first time a meteorite disc is used on a ceramic-bezeled Daytona. This watch must look better in real life than the pictures. If you can get it on order,replica watches uk this is a recommended buy.

The new Oyster Perpetual Explorer II, the Oyster steel model, does not have a ceramic bezel as one would guess and expect, and basically nothing much has changed from the shape. It is priced at 66,400 yuan. The old Explorer II had already started to fly before, so what will happen now?

Naturally there is also a new black model.

This time the 36mm Logbook is definitely the star of the Rolex 2021 new models, there are n number of new models.

The Oyster Perpetual Log 36 in eternal rose gold and Oyster steel with a silver palm leaf pattern dial and a commemorative (Jubilee) strap. Beautiful five-bead bracelet in gold and steel and special motifs. Priced at over 90,000.

Apart from the above Diagonal and the Tan II, there are no new releases of sporty models such as the various coloured “Aquatimer” models. Elsewhere, there are Explorer models and some jewellery watches. All in all, apart from the Palm Green Log, there really aren’t too many new releases that would make a fan of the brand gasp. To be honest,replica iwc watches there is no need to do so now… Because the biggest conflict right now is the problem of not being able to buy a watch…

The time issue is not particularly detailed about the new Rolex models. We will share the details with you after we see the actual watch first on the 14th! For those of you who are actually in a hurry to order a watch and make plans, go directly to the Rolex website and check out all the new models and prices there!

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